indoor shutters

How to add security and beauty of your house with DIY shutters?


Security is the most important factor in everyone’s life. If you are living with your family then you need to increase security products in your living area. Monitoring devices or other security equipment cannot stop the incident to happen. With the help of the diy shutters, you can increase security of your family.

  • indoor shutters– apartments without shutters tend to look cheaper. Always focus on the quality of the material, as spending little extra can give your apartment a richer look. The wider trim of moulding should be chosen, the wider the trim the richer the look of the apartment.
  • Paint- when deciding for the shutters painting, you are going to have a terrible time. To make deciding easier we have suggested hues which are chosen by the affluent class of the society. Crisp white or darker natural shades have been the trend for luxury apartment.  For those who aren’t not too comfortable with carrying on darker shade crisp white is perfect. With the change in seasons one can change the décor of the house if they have crisp white wall paint. Painting the door black is another step of walking towards sophistication. Match the black door with black accessories to complete the look.
  • Cushion- for a luxury look you will have to give way to the 12-18 inch cushions which are available at the local department stores. Order for pillows which are 22 inch and above with cushion covers of 24 inch. Fluffy and oversized pillows and cushions give a feeling of aristocracy. Choosing royal and designer cushion covers from designer stores on discount can give you royal look at a lower cost.

You need to choose indoor shutters with care. Purchasing from local stores might take off the charm from your living. Rather hit the speciality stores or design your own fabric to make your curtains stand out. Make sure that they complement the look of the apartment. The cheap shutters are they are flimsy and they are unlined. Make sure you avoid these too.

ü  Hardware finished- most developers buy hardware in bulk to make their expenditure cost effective. The idea of a luxury apartment is to not be a replica of the apartment next door. Any average hardware store can provide decorative fixtures for your drawer knobs and door handles.

Just a little out of the box thinking and a little creativity can bring about a lot of different and create your dream luxury apartment.