The industry has seen a revolution in the last two decades with technical developments providing industrialists with liberty to use state of the art automatic machines for enhanced output and efficiency compared to the manual operation of machines by humans. Industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, welding plants, biomedical, paper and cement processing now use modern automatic plants for their production and working. These high-performance machines yield the greatest efficiency if their working limits are strictly followed and suitable working temperature is necessary for these plants to work properly. Industrial chillers are used to maintain the temperature during summer season because these machines also generate some unwanted heat causing the temperature of the workplace to rise.

A chiller is a machine that removes heat from a liquid via vapour-compression or absorption refrigeration cycle and that liquid is then circulated through a heat exchanger to cool equipment or another process stream. This refrigeration also creates unwanted heat which must also be exhausted. This chilled water is used to cool or dehumidify the target place. Depending on the application, centralized or decentralized chiller plants can be used or in some case, a combination of both is also used. Centralized chillers are more commonly used because usually a single temperature range is required for machinery in the industry. While industrial or medium to large sized commercial facilities need chillers as an essential part of their setup. They may not be required as importantly in small businesses like retail shops or bakeries because a couple of air conditioners will be enough to maintain the temperature of these small places. However, they may need commercial freezers to keep their products in the required temperature zone, for example, required temperature for ice cream to keep it frozen is -5 to -10 degree Fahrenheit and it is around 40 degrees for a cold drink. It is necessary for ice cream to maintain the freezing temperature because once melted; that ice cream is of no use will be a loss for the company. Therefore, in countries with hot summers, it is important to keep the temperature at a desired level not only for machines but for workers as well because workers are as important to anybody as machines and every machine needs some workmanship even if it is an automatic one and if the workers are tired or heat affected, they can’t perform well-meaning a reduction in their performance and a loss for the company.