When it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy workspace, hiring professional office cleaners in Mulgrave is a critical decision for any business. Ensuring that you choose the right cleaning service can significantly impact your office environment, employee productivity, and first impressions made on clients. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a list of essential questions to ask before hiring an office cleaning company.

Experience and References

  1. How long have you been providing cleaning services?

Experience matters in the cleaning industry. A company that has been in business for several years is likely to have established processes and a proven track record.

  1. Can you provide references from other businesses you’ve serviced?

References offer insight into the reliability and quality of the cleaning services provided. A reputable company should have no problem sharing testimonials or contact information for references.

Services Offered

  1. What types of cleaning services do you offer?

Ensure the company’s services align with your office’s needs, whether it’s daily cleaning, deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, or specialized services like COVID-19 sanitation.

  1. Do you provide the cleaning supplies and equipment, or do we need to?

Knowing who provides the cleaning supplies and equipment is crucial for budgeting and ensures compatibility with your office environment, especially if you prefer eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Scheduling and Flexibility

  1. What is your availability, and how flexible is your schedule?

Understanding the cleaning service’s schedule is important to ensure it does not disrupt your business operations. Flexibility is also key in case of unexpected needs or changes in your schedule.

  1. How do you handle cleaning services during holidays or outside regular business hours?

This question will help you understand how the cleaning service accommodates special timing requests, ensuring your office is clean and presentable at all times.

Pricing and Contracts

  1. How do you determine pricing, and what does it include?

A clear understanding of the pricing structure and what services are included helps avoid unexpected costs and ensures the services meet your budget and needs.

  1. Is there a contract, and what are the terms?

Knowing the contract terms, duration, and cancellation policy is essential before agreeing with an office cleaning company.


Choosing the right office cleaners in Mulgrave requires thorough research and asking the right questions. By addressing these queries, you can ensure that the cleaning service you hire meets your expectations, contributes to a healthier work environment, and maintains the professionalism of your space. Remember, the cleanliness of your office reflects on your business, so investing time in selecting the best cleaning service is well worth the effort.